Tumblr Cheating Confessions – 10 Confessions

I have been cheating on my bf a lot recently.. and the guys I’ve been fucking have really big cocks! Like when they put it inside me I can still see half of it ! Omg it’s amazing but I think he knows something lol cause I can swallow his little cock no problem now. Lol oh well I love the two cocks that use my pussy. – Anonymous

Hey, I just cheated on my boyfriend for the 1st time on Christmas. It was with some guy I met off of snapchat and also a few of his friends. I went to visit him with the intent to cheat and he had 4 friends over and long story short I ended up fucking them all because I was horny and it was Christmas. 2 guys fucked me raw and both came in me. I’m so scary but turned on every time I think about Christmas now – Anonymous

Caught my newly married wife giving some guy at her office party a quick blowjob as she puts it. She told me it was cause she was drunk and his wife is a bitch. So I eventually catch up to the wife of the guy and tell what I saw, and she says she caught them doing that before. Out of pure spite the guys wife and I went to my car right before the party ended and she gave me a great blowjob as employees were walking out to see and eventually my wife saw it and was furious. Payback! – Anonymous

I let my bfs best friend fuck my throat one night at a party – Anonymous

We were on vacation with my wife’s entire family. We all went out one night and were late getting back. Everyone went to bed except her brother’s wife and me. She decided to go for a walk on the beach. I went with her and we sat and started talking. Before long we were 69ing right on the beach. She changed position and started riding me. She told me she wanted me to cum inside her, which I happily did. We still fuck, just in our own beds. She brings a woman she works with a couple times a week. – Anonymous

Recently had a girls trip with a few friends to Vegas. During the trip we met a guy in the hotel bar and one of my friends stayed with him while the rest of went to experience Vegas. I headed back to the room and heard moaning when I looked in the room she was having sex with guy from the bar, she’s married. She didn’t notice me watching for a few minutes, so I left and didn’t mention it. After it had me considering cheating. now when we do couple stuff with her and her husband it’s awkward. – Anonymous

Had a party at my place the other day and my sister in law was passed out on the couch and I sat next to cause my fiancee was passed out taking all of our bed. Anyway off topic I looked over a my sister in law and noticed her thong was pulled to side and her pussy was leaking cum. I was so horny from drinking and with my fiancee passed out and me being the only one awake I pulled out my cock and slide into my sister in laws cum filled pussy. She moaned out her boyfriend’s name as I slide in. – Anonymous

I cheated on my gf with this really young 18-year old girl. I’ve had her swallow my load, covered her face in my cum, and filled her young pussy with my cum each time. I love the way her little cunt wraps tightly around my dick and milks me for all my cum. Best part is making my girl get on her knees to taste my cock without any clue that it was buried in a young girl’s barely legal pussy just hours before. – Anonymous

I was cleaning out the attic and found some of my wife’s old boxes. I was looking inside and I noticed an opened box of condoms. It was a box with things from her single days and our early marriage. Not shocking but I started looking for anything else. I found some old video tapes. So I played them. Just partying tapes. And I fast forwarded a ways and found a part where she is fucked by 2 different guys. Sucking one guys cock while another was pounding her pussy. I still jack off to it. – Anonymous

God I love cheating on my fiance we’re a distance away right now because of his work and I love it I go bar/club hopping weekly 😉 love it when dancing turns into grinding and grinding turns into sucking some random off in a dark alley 😉 even my boss loves it when he’s away because he knows I’m up for grabs and can stay as late as he want me to ? – Anonymous


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