Setup Massage With Happy Ending For Wife

I wanted to get my beautiful wife something special for Valentine?s Day. She certainly deserved it.

So one day I’m playing golf with my buddy, Dave, and I mention the Valentines present. Dave is a successful businessman in his own right. He owns quite a few businesses and some commercial real estate ventures.

“I got the perfect thing,” he said. “You should get her a gift certificate for a massage at one of my spas! Women go crazy for those things. They love to be pampered and treated special for a day.”

I liked the idea of the massage for Natalie. She had mentioned several times how she wanted to spend a day at one of those spas. But I didn’t know what to think about the idea of it making her hot and horny. Somehow I doubted it would or could happen.

I finally tracked down Dave on his cell phone about mid- morning. “Hey, remember that thing about the massage gift certificate?”

“Yeah, she’ll love you forever, man.”

“OK, sounds good,” I heard myself say. “But what if I want to watch? You know, just to make sure everything is cool?”

The appointment was set for Tuesday. Nat made arrangements for the kids, and I made sure I cleared my schedule for the day so I could be in the secret room at the spa.

Dave told me to get there ahead of my wife to avoid any chance of running into her after she arrived, so I left early that morning. Before I took off I gave Nat a big kiss and a hug, making her promise to “really relax and enjoy herself.”

He led me back to a door marked ‘Private – Employees Only’. The room was not really what I expected. There was a big desk or table set against a wall with five 27-inch color TVs aligned neatly together. In front of the monitors were mounted several small, expensive looking speakers. A box with a row of knobs and several lighted switches sat on the table in front of two big leather executive chairs.

The room had no windows, but there was some soft track lighting with dimmer switches that could be adjusted. The only other noticeable objects were several Hi-Fi VCR’s stacked together in a rack with little green and red lights softly glowing. It looked like something out of a spy movie.

Dave settled into one of the chairs and directed me to the other. He flipped a few switches and the TV monitors came to life. I now had an amazing view of the massage rooms. The clarity of the signal was impressive and the cameras were mounted in the perfect position to see anything in the rooms.

Dave turned to me and said, “We may have to wait a while. Nat’s probably going to want to take advantage of some of the other areas of the spa before she gets her massage. Wait here. I’ll go check on her progress and let you know when things are about to get started.”

I was beginning to think Dave had overhyped this thing when the door opened and he came in.

“She’s just finishing up with the mud bath. She should be here in a few minutes after the shower.”

My stomach suddenly was doing flip-flops. I hadn’t expected to get so keyed up so soon, but my mouth was dry and my cock was already stirring when I saw Vince walk into one of the rooms and start to make some preparations.

He seemed very casual and self-confident, and I couldn’t help but think again what a stud this guy was. Suddenly he turned and looked right at us through the camera and gave a big thumbs-up sign. I jumped when he said loudly, “Showtime!”

Vince left the room and only moments later Natalie came in and closed the door. Dressed in a big terrycloth robe, her hair was done up with a clip and her skin seemed to be glowing. She had that flushed look of someone who just got out of the shower.

I watched as she glided over to the table and undid the tie on her robe. She slid it off her shoulders and Dave and I stared at the screen as she slowly revealed her magnificent body: World Class breasts — not too big, but just right for her small frame — topped with small pink nipples already at attention.

As she dropped the robe and pulled back the top sheet on the table, we admired her firm features. I noticed that she had trimmed the downy triangle of honey-colored hair between her legs. She gracefully pulled herself up on the table and lay on her stomach. Then she reached back and pulled the sheet back over almost to her neck. She was modestly covered, but the sheet left little to the imagination molding itself to every curve and valley.

“Damn. . .” I heard Dave mutter beside me. I couldn’t have agreed more.

My wife shifted around and settled on the table, placing her face in the opening and resting her arms and hands up above her head. I heard her give one of those contented sighs, then there was a light tapping at the door. Natalie raised her head slightly and said, “All set, come in!”

Vince came into the room and quietly closed and locked the door. He walked over to the CD player and turned down the volume of the lazy music a little, then walked over to the table and gently placed a giant hand on Nat’s sheet-covered back. She looked like a little girl compared to his size.

“Hi, my name is Vince, and I’ll be your massage therapist today. How are we treating you so far, Natalie?”

“Heavenly.” I heard Nat’s voice, muffled between her arms. “I could really get used to this!”

Vince chuckled pleasantly as he moved over to the table with the oils. “Hey, the best is yet to come.”

When he turned around he had a big grin on his chiseled face while he rubbed some warm oil on his palms. For the first time I also noticed the sizeable bulge in the front of Vince’s white shorts.

“So is there anything special that you want me to work on today . . . any areas that have been bothering you?”

Natalie sighed again and said, “Nope. . .I’ve never really had a massage before. You’re the expert . . . I’ll leave it in your hands.” Then she giggled at her own bad pun.

“OK . . . you just relax and leave everything to the expert,” Vince laughed as folded the sheet down to expose her lovely back, keeping her ass modestly covered. He moved to the side of the table and began applying firm strokes with both hands up and down the full length of her back..

This went on for quite a while. Vince worked her entire upper torso, including her neck, shoulders, and arms. Nothing much was said between them. A couple of times when I noticed Vince’s fingers stray to the sides of her breasts which were mashed underneath her. She made no movement to protest or stop him, so everything was cool.

Gradually he moved his way up her legs, kneading and stroking every inch — past her delicate inner-knees, up to the backs of her thighs. His large hands almost went around her entire leg as he worked the oil into her skin. As he moved upward, his hands began to brush against the sheet — moving it up little by little with each contact.

Now he was just grazing the hint of perfect, rounded flesh visible beneath the cover. His strong movements caused her hips to move up and down beneath his grip. As he worked the tops of her inner thighs, his hands would move together in between her legs, and I was sure that he was only inches away from heaven.

There was no doubt Natalie was enjoying the sensation. She was clearly awake now and almost regularly she would sigh and breathe deeply between her arms. I thought I noticed her hips start to move slightly on their own.

Vince moved around to the side again, and, without a word, folded the sheet over in the middle of her back exposing one entire side of her body. With some fresh oil, he started to work directly on her uncovered buttock, moving his hands in circular motions over the entire soft surface. There was hardly room for both of his massive hands as his slick fingers started to probe down between her cheeks and legs.

Suddenly I heard Natalie gasp as contact was made in her nether region.. “Umm…are you sure that’s part of the service?” she whispered.

“I’m just getting to the deep tissue areas,” Vince answered softly. “Are you uncomfortable?”

“No, maybe just a little embarrassed,” she breathed back. “Nobody but my husband has touched me down there in a very long time.”

“Don’t worry,” Vince chuckled. “I’m a professional. It’s all part of my job”

“I’ll bet it is. . .,” Natalie murmured, as she rested her head back down. She seemed to relax again, and Vince moved around to the other side and repeated the process — folding the sheet over and exposing the other cheek.

Hearing no further protests, Vince started to move his “professional” fingers deeper between her legs with each pass. This time there was no doubt about it. Her hips began a slow grind up and down as one of his hands moved up to stroke her back again while the other stayed busy on her bottom — gliding around and then dipping down. . .deeper and deeper each time.

Natalie’s breathing began to get heavier with each passing moment. When Vince’s arm movement changed, she began to moan and gasp again. Before, his arm had been moving up and down, now it was moving slightly in and out. The sheet was still covering his hand from our view, but it was almost certain that he was now fingering her.

I was sure she was nearing orgasm. But before she could get there, Vince slowed down his movements and brought her down from the peak. As he pulled his hand into view it was slick and wet with her juices.

“Why… why are you stopping?” she almost whimpered.

“We’ve still got plenty of time, ” he said, grinning broadly. “Besides, I need to do your front. ..”

We all tried to catch our breath as Vince rearranged the sheet over her. Then he held it up like a curtain in front of him and told her to turn over.

As she changed sides, Dave and I could see how flushed with excitement she was. Nat was clearly in a state of arousal. Her pink nipples were hard and erect and her bouncing breasts heaved as she lay back down.

Vince moved to the head of the table and started to massage her neck and shoulders. With her arms raised above her head, he had complete access to her upper body. He gently worked around her ears and soft throat, then held up each arm and worked the length of it to her hands.

She had calmed down quite a bit by this time and her breathing was almost normal, but Vince was ready to start her motor again. Without warning, he peeled the sheet down to her waist, revealing her lovely breasts in all their glory.

He started at her collarbone with flat palms and started making circles that progressed down her chest. It didn’t take long for his hands to make contact with her breasts, but he danced around them — never directly touching or even grazing her erect nipples.

Taking his time, Vince moved all around her well-oiled breasts without giving her the direct contact she was probably dying for by now. Her breathing began to get heavier again and she started to make soft noises in the back of her throat. Natalie loves to have her breasts fondled, and I could see her start to arch her back as she strained meet his touch.

Finally he gave in to her. He moved to the side of the table, and with his palms flat he placed his hands on her stomach and moved them both up and over her breasts — dragging right across the nipples. Then he moved back down and took both hard little nubbins between his fingers and began to roll them back and forth.

It was like an electric shock. Natalie’s arms jerked down and her hands covered his.

“Uhhhhnngg!!!!” she moaned, with her eyes closed tightly. The look on her pretty face was pure pleasure. “Yesssss, like that!” she hissed, as her hands guided his over her quivering pink flesh.

Her hips started to rise off the table again as she raised her knees and planted her feet on the table. I don’t think I’d ever seen her so overcome. Her arms were still flailing. One hand fell down to the sheet and started to slide underneath between her wide-spread legs.

The other hand instinctively reached out and found Vince’s white T-shirt. As he continued to stroke and tease her nipples, her hand unconsciously slid down his shirt to the waistband of his shorts.

Before she could reach down any further, Vince sidestepped her grasp and moved his hips out of the way. “Uh, uh….no fair touching the hired help . . . yet!” he snickered at her. I don’t think she heard him or even realized what he was talking about. She was too lost in the sensations he was giving her.

With all the thrashing about, the sheet had all but fallen clear of her body. Vince started move his hands lower again, gliding over her stomach. When he reached the sheet he simply whisked it off onto the floor.

There was my pretty, little conservative wife — stark naked, trembling and writhing under this strange man.

Vince had moved down to stand at the foot of the table between Natalie’s raised knees and wide-spread legs. He was still making circular motions with his palms as he worked his way lower on her abdomen. His hands were starting to graze the softness of her trimmed little bush. She was humping her hips up to meet his movements as he moved ever lower.

Sliding his hands down to her inner-thighs, Vince massaged the outside of her pussy lips with his thumbs,still not coming into direct contact. Each movement pulled the slick lips apart and gave as all a view of her moist opening. Natalie was almost babbling at this point, but when Vince finally slid the side of his hand directly down the full length of her vagina, she began to pant like a wounded animal.

“Uhhhhh!!! Oh, God!! Oh, please!!

She bucked up and down as one finger hit home. . .then another. Soon he was pistoning his large digits in and out of her honey pot at increasing speed.

When one thumb moved up and suddenly raked across her neglected clit, my wife immediately began to shake and shudder. I knew very well the signs her orgasm. She shook her head from side to side, hair spilling out everywhere as the clip came undone and flew across the room.

“Yeeeeessss!!!!! Oh, yeah . . . right there, that’s it!!!!!!” she wailed beneath his solid, unrelenting movements.

Her hands flew to her breasts and she began to tweak and pull on her own nipples. Her mouth was wide open as she gasped to pull air into her burning lungs.

Finally he gave her the release she needed. He placed both hands on her thighs and spread them wide apart as he leaned down and swiped his long tongue directly over her clit. He kept his mouth there, lapping and swirling his tongue over her burning pussy.

That’s all it took!

“Ohhh, ohhh, AhhhhhHHHH!!!!! I’m CUMMMIINNNGGGG!!!!” She wailed in tempo with the thrust of her hips. Then she held herself rigid as the fireworks exploded in her head.

“Oh shit!” I heard Dave bellow next to me. “Damn, that’s about the hottest thing I ever saw,” Dave groaned as he slumped in his chair.

Vince raiseed up and effortlessly strip off his T-shirt. His face was covered with shiny juice. Every muscle rippled as he hooked his thumbs in his shorts and slowly started to pull them over his slim hips. Soon the waistband revealed the large, purple, angry-looking head of his truly impressive tool.

Inch after inch of the shaft that was easily as big around as my wrist came into view. He kept up the strip tease, agonizingly slow, as his nine-inch pipe sprang free. When his shorts finally cleared his huge balls, he pushed the shorts the rest of the way down and stepped out of them.

Natalie lay panting spread-eagle on the table like she had been shot. Her hips were still making small, involuntary movements and her nostrils flared in time with her ragged breathing.

Vince reached down and pulled her ass to the edge of the table like she was a rag doll. He raised her knees up and pushed her soft thighs wide. Reaching down, he took his huge meat in his fist and started to rub the giant helmet-like head back and forth against her sopping wet little box.

Somewhere among the cobwebs in her head, Natalie realized what Vince was doing. She raised her head and her eyes fluttered open. “No please, I can’t do this, I’m married!” she moaned.

“That makes two of us, princess.” Vince broke into that dazzling smile again as he gazed down at her. “Just relax and enjoy. I’m a professional . . . remember?

She looked closely at his handsome face for the first time. “Please . . .,” she whispered, “we shouldn’t being doing this.”

“But that’s what I’m here for, princess, to please you. It’s all part of the service. Now just lay back and get ready for some serious therapy!” Vince reached one hand down and braced it on the table by her waist as he started to push his big cock meat into my wife.

Although Natalie’s guilt reflex was starting to say no, her body had other ideas. Still reeling from her explosive climax moments earlier, her hips betrayed her and started to react to the intense stimulus at her entrance. As she closed her eyes again and laid her head back, her hand instinctively reached down to touch the monster at her gate.

Suddenly her tiny hand came into contact with the torpedo poised to enter her. When she tried to wrap her fingers around its massive girth, her eyes snapped open wide. She raised herself up on her elbows and looked down at what must have looked like a telephone pole to her.

“Please . . .” she breathed again. Then she said what I was thinking: “It’s too big . . . you’ll tear me apart!”

“Nonsense .” Vince laughed. “I’ll go slowly and be very gentle. Remember our motto, Satisfaction Guaranteed! I guarantee you’re going to be satisfied!”

Natalie looked nervous now, but still obviously turned on. Her chest heaved as she watched him find her opening and push just himself inside. He pushed in a little farther; just fractions of an inch at a time, slowly his big pipe began to disappear. Nat closed her eyes tight again and tried to relax her muscles. I could clearly see how white her knuckles were as she gripped the sheet beneath her.

Vince was true to his word. He took things very slowly and let her get used to every movement before he went any further. He shifted his weight a bit, and little by little he started to make progress. After he got about three-inches inside, he stopped and asked if she was all right.

She nodded — still with her eyes squeezed tight. She was starting to breath very heavily again, and he surprised her by leaning down and taking one her rigid nipples in his mouth. Natalie immediately let out a loud moan and wrapped her hand in his mass of hair, holding his head firmly to her quivering breast.

Vince worked both nipples with his lips and tongue for a few moments. Then as she became more comfortable he raised back up and hooked his arms underneath her legs, raising her knees almost to his shoulders and pulling her thighs wide apart. This not only aligned her pelvis in a position for better penetration, but it also gave Dave and me a good view of the tip of his cock buried in her moist hole.

Natalie moaned again as Vince slowly pulled his hips back, revealing for a brief moment the portion of his meat that had been inside my wife. We saw that it was slick with her juices before he flicked his buttocks forward and gently pushed back inside. Nat gave a soft little grunt as he began to rock back and forth — each time pushing a little more of his big pole inside.

What an amazing sight — watching a total stranger fucking my beautiful wife. I tried to remember how I got here. A couple of weeks ago this had been the furthest thing from my mind. Now I had a myriad of emotions going through my head as I watched the wildly erotic display.

Vince had established a rhythm now with long, smooth strokes. He was beginning to breath heavier too and his tanned body was gleaming with sweat. I watched his rock hard ass cheeks flex back and forth, then shifted my gaze back to his shiny cock as it slid almost completely in and out — appearing and disappearing inside her with each thrust.

“Ahhhh . . . Ahhhh . . . Ahhh.” Natalie began a steady chant in time with his even strokes. She laid her head back on the table, but her tiny hands clutched and grabbed at his massive biceps on his arms — still holding up her legs. She began bucking her hips back to meet his thrusts and I realized she had taken him all. Now his huge balls began to make a soft slapping sound against her ass with each down stroke.

“You’ve got it all, princess. . .how does it feel?” Vince grunted as he began to steadily pick up the pace.

Nat could barely answer through gritted teeth: “Uhhnn . . . ohh . . . my gawd!! It feels sss, sssooo . . . ssoooo . . . goood!!! I . . . I’ve . . . never fff . . . felt . . . so . . . fulll!!” I could hear every sound in the room including the wet squishing noise her tight little pussy was making as he ground into her.

Then Vince seemed to shift into a higher gear. He raised her small ankles and feet up and placed them on his broad shoulders, then planted both hands of the table on each side of her. Once he?d repositioned her, he pulled his cock almost all the way out and held it at her opening for a second, teasing her. “Ready?” he whispered.

“Oh yes put it back inside . . . please!!!!!? she begged.

He suddenly slammed back into her and she cried out in pleasure. Then Vince began to pound into my wife like a jackhammer. The solid table rocked and groaned beneath them and Natalie’s breasts shook back and forth as she neared another orgasm.

Vince knew she was close again and he began to change up his movements — rotating and grinding his hips sometimes. . .then just pounding into her with unbelievable speed and stamina on the next series of thrusts. Their bodies slapped together with loud smacks that got louder and sharper.

Natalie rarely cums during straight fucking, but as Vince’s ass turned into a blur, Nat let out a keening cry that I’m sure could be heard throughout the building.

Vince began to gasp and grunt. I realized he was close as well. “Damn, that?s good!!!” I heard him shout, as she shuddered, yelped, and clawed beneath him.

This is what I had been waiting for, and I felt the white hot liquid that had been building up inside of me begin to race through my shaft in my pumping fist. Just as I exploded, I watched Vince yell out and yank his cock from my wife’s pussy, still bucking with spasms from her own orgasm.

As soon as his cockhead cleared her entrance a thick rope of semen jetted out in an arc across her body. Most of it landed just above her head, but some splashed across her face and neck. Another spurt followed, landing mostly on her heaving breasts and stomach.

Vince continued to slowly jack his cock in his hand while Natalie became the masseuse reaching up and massaging his milky white liquid into her skin with one hand, while her other hand reached down and pushed his hand away to gently stroke his red, swollen meat.

Vince leaned down and tenderly kissed Natalie for the first and only time. I could see their tongues battling intensely in their mouths as she thanked him passionately for what he had done.

I had almost forgotten about Dave. He began to stir next to me and I could see he was also doing some clean up from incredible display we had just witnessed. “I’m giving you the original, but do you mind if I make a copy of this tape?” he asked with a weary grin, as he pushed some buttons on the VCR.

“No problem,” I said. “It’s the least I could do. That was truly amazing!”

I looked back at the screen and saw Vince start to pull his clothes back on. Natalie was spent. She still was lying on the table lazily stroking her stomach — a contented smile played on her lips. She watched with half-open eyes while Vince got dressed. When he was through, he went back to the table and stroked he cheek softly with his hand.

“That concludes the treatment for today,” he grinned. “How do you feel?”

“Oh, my!” was all she could whisper. “I feel like a new woman.”

“Well, like I said, it’s all part of my job. Satisfaction guaranteed!” He bent down and gave her another small kiss on her flushed cheek, then said, “Take your time, princess . . . you can get up and shower whenever you want.” Then he quietly left the room.

Dave turned off the equipment in the room and handed me the tape. “Well, that was fun!” he chuckled. “I told you, they sure like the full body massage!” I thanked him and snuck out the back door of the building.

When I got home that evening, Nat was relaxing on the couch in a pretty yellow sundress. She looked fresh and pretty, more beautiful to me than I could ever remember. She jumped to her feet when she saw me and showered me with hugs and kisses.

When she slowed down a bit I laughed and held her at arms length. “So, how was your day at the spa? I tried to act casual.

“Oh, honey Thank you so much! I can’t tell you how wonderful that was. I never imagined it could be like that.” Then she got an evil little twinkle in her eye as she gazed at me. “I only hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!”

“Huh?” I stammered. “What are you talking about?”

“Oh, you think you’re so clever, don’t you?” she giggled. “I recognized your car the second I pulled into the parking lot!!”

I started to make some lame excuse, but she just covered my mouth with her tiny hand and said, “Shhh . . . silly baby.? You’re not upset about what I did are you?”

“Upset? It was the most erotic experience I’ve ever had,” I said truthfully.

“Good! she smiled. “I made another appointment for us next week. Happy Valentine’s Day, darling.”

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